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Who are we?

 Reckless Hockey is a veteran owned hockey company that began in a small town on the Canadian Border in the part of New York called the "North Country".   Hockey has always been an integral part of life in the North Country.  Our proximity to Canada only helped fuel our passion and love for the sport of hockey.   

With over 40 years of hockey experience, Reckless Hockey takes its love for the game and develops state-of-the-art hockey sticks and other equipment for everyone who plays.  Our company is all about the game of hockey and its players.   We strive to provide them with best tools to excel and grow their skills.  No gimmicks, and no BS. 

Sick and tired of paying too much?

As hockey parents we all want our children to have the best stuff but prices are getting out of hand.  We are all tired of high prices.   Most of the time the value of the product does not match price we pay.  At Reckless Hockey we believe hockey is for everyone.  This is why we create the best hockey gear at reasonable prices and also provide our own 6 month replacement plan to further protect your investment.  We are dedicated to reducing costs to increase access to great gear for all players.     

Direct to you.

Our prices are less than the name brands because we don't have to pay for any expensive pro sponsorship or any retail markups.  These are huge savings for parents.  These savings allow us to concentrate only on making great products.  Since we don't have to factor in retail price points and large contracts we don't have to cut corners either.  We just make the best products at a reasonable prices.   

Let us guess, this all sounds familiar?

We get it!  We know there are a ton of "alternative" brands out there.  There are even more that have already come and gone.  They all promised high quality hockey gear at low prices but never delivered a decent product.  These companies sell knock-off hockey sticks. These companies just buy random sticks online and re-brand them with their name and graphics.  They had no idea what they were really selling. They made their quick money tricking people and then they  bounced.  This is not the case with us.  We make our own products and we've been here for years.

We sell real technology developed by experts.

You won't find any generic knock-off hockey sticks on this site.  Our engineering team has over 20 years of composite hockey stick manufacturing and design experience.  Just like the big names we engineer our own products, source our own materials, and test our own products.  Every Reckless product is painstakingly tested and brutally abused over and over until every detail is right.  We use real world testing on ice, by real players not just machines.  The machines give us great technical data but the players give us the fine details needed to refine our products. We use old-fashioned hard work and ingenuity to create our own unique products.     

Our Industry leading 180 day (6 month) Replacement Plan

Hockey sticks breaking due to overuse and abuse is inevitable.  This is hockey after all.  What happens when your stick breaks outside of the warranty?  What happens when your stick breaks for reasons like getting stuck in the Zamboni doors or someone slashed your stick or you get mad and slam it on the boards?  The answer for the other companies is nothing.  Your reward for paying their high prices is to pay that high price multiple times throughout the season.  Not Reckless Hockey.  We don't want to punish you just because hockey is a rough sport.  This is why on top of the 30 day manufacturer's warranty that covers defects, we also provide our industry leading 180 day replacement plan.  For 180 days, from the date you buy our stick, you get 40% off all replacement sticks no matter how it broke and no questions asked.  We make the best sticks and want to keep you using them all season.  Click the link below for details. 



What's a replacement plan?

Warranties only cover defects.  No other companies cover non-defect related breakage.  Our, industry leading, 180 day replacement plan covers any breaks outside of the manufacturer's warranty.  You can buy a replacement stick, regardless of how it broke, for 40% off (up to 5 times) within the 180 day period. 

Where are your sticks made?

Just like all the major brands our sticks are currently manufactured in China.  As US Army Veterans we are actively looking for opportunities to bring our production back home.

How long till I get my custom sticks?

All custom orders can take up to 45 days.

Have a question you would like answered?

Do not hesitate to reach out.  We will answer any and all questions.  Use the link below to send us your questions.