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Want to be part of the reckless hockey team?

As a Veteran-owned company we value handwork.   Just like in the military, everything in hockey is earned through hard work and dedication and nothing is free.  This is the same for our Ambassador program.  So please do not ask for free stuff.  Instead of giving out free sticks to everyone who asks we look for those hard workers.  Those players who are dedicated to improving themselves at hockey while using our sticks.  Just like in hockey, your hard work can get you rewarded.

How to become an ambassador.

  1. Get yourself one of our hockey sticks. 
  2. Play hard and have fun using it.  
  3. Capture moments using our products and tag us in pictures and videos*

*For our younger fans who may not have social media accounts, don't worry.  We see posts from proud parents too.  

Make sure to tag us in a post on social media or message us a hi-quality picture or video that clearly shows you and your stick.  A picture of your stick on the floor or leaning on a wall will never be re-posted. Action shots of you in uniform are preferred.  We will see every pic and watch every video and we take note of the most creative and impressive pictures and videos that feature our sticks.  Just like in hockey practice, hard work pays off.  

Those who work hard to promote us could get:

  • Personal shout outs and re-posts on our social media accounts to help you gain followers
  • Discounts on future purchases
  • Free swag, promotional gear, or other merchandise exclusive to our Reckless ambassadors.

The hardest working promoters can:

  • Earn their way to a free stick.
  • Get listed on our website as an official Ambassador
  • Gain early access to new models and prototypes.

Play Hard.  Play Reckless.



Ava Ridolfi (@hkykid29)


Club:Florida Alliance .  Height:5'6" .   Weight:150 .  Age:16 .   Prim. Position:RD

Sec. Position:RW .  Team LevelAAA (Tier 1)